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We at New Leaf Designs believe in building websites that are about you and your business. We use your photos and your information to incorporate the personality of your business into the design. We understand that your business is important to you, that you work hard to prosper and grow, that you believe in what you are offering and we want to help you to reach your goals and succeed in your endeavors.

We specialize in helping small, local businesses establish their presence on the web by offering personal and affordable service to our clients.

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ePub Photo Albums and Memory Books

With ePub Photo Albums and Memory Books you can pass along photos, recipes, memories and more through the wonders of digital publishing. Each eMemory book is custom designed using your photos to represent your family heritage. Being a digital book, you will be able to share it virtually with anyone and with as many people as you like - epub books and can be read using mobile devices, tablets and computers. With printed books, if you want to share them you have to purchase a new copy of the book, with your New Leaf Designs Albums and Memory Books you just send a copy to anyone – all for the one time publishing fee.

Old Memories
New Memories
Memories and Stories

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